Ptosis (Dropping Eye Lid)

When the upper lid drops over the centre part of eye due to weakness of Levanter Muscles. It may cause vision problem , vision loss , Amblyopic, Astigmatism , Blurring of vision, Double vision, Photophobia, Cosmetically poor appearance of the eyes, eye strain. Ptosis may occur in child and adult equally due to ageing process. It is caused by weak Levanter muscles, Myasthenia gravis, Surgical complication, trauma Neurological problem and any compression during child delivery.

Ayurved Treatment of Ptosis without Surgery -

The success rate of treatment of Ptosis depend upon age, lid involvement, lid height , strength of muscles, eye movement. Although if patients comes early to Ayurved eye physician there is a possibility of Maximum correction of Ptosis by Netra kriyakalpa without surgery.